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    Hello everybody. Today we introduced AIFF as a new lossless format that you can select during purchase. We’re hoping that this will address some of the functionality you’ve been asking for (metadata and album art in a lossless file). This forum will stay open so people can continue to vote for FLAC support and we would love to hear about your experiences using our AIFF downloads. For more information on why we started with AIFF, see this post: http://news.beatport.com/blog/2011/09/09/introducing-aiff-format/.

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    jnftech commented  · 

    The FLAC topic is one of the main reasons I still don't by much music on Beatport. More specifically broken down to these two concerns:

    - Beatport does not understand file formats to the level they should to sell music online. To argue AIFF is a better option than WAV is false. Read up on both formats (which are based on IFF and RIFF respectively) and you will find they are identical (except endianness, which means byte order) and have the same capabilities (yes, you can embed metadata in a WAV!). FLAC of course supports metadata and is a lossless compression. For Beatport to not understand the gains of bandwidth and storage cost reduction is crazy. And hey, if people want WAV and AIFF - cool! Transcode it on the fly! Either via a server side temporary storage location, or a browser plugin that can do it after the FLAC downloads (still saves bandwidth and storage issue!)

    - Beatports charges extra for a lossless format. This just doesnt jive with me. Bandcamp charges the same price for all formats (and also transcodes on the fly to accomplish that!). I know unfortunately a lot of online shops charge extra for lossless or high-resolution, but I feel fundamentally I should be able to purchase a lossless copy for the same price everyone else is paying for MP3. This is why Bandcamp gets all my money.

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