1. Downloading tracks and would like to change Results Per Page - when I click on 50 or 100 there is no response...  ·  Completed

  2. Share icon alignment when screen-width > 1500px  ·  Completed

  3. Cart playback is not playing tracks in my cart  ·  Completed

  4. Bug - BeatPort Pro Search Broken  ·  Closed

  5. Every time I load a page I get multiple non-responsive script errors  ·  Customer Care / Support

  6. "View All" link next to artist's "Top Ten Tracks" should link to only that artist's tracks  ·  Declined

  7. why cant I search like in the old one? Inseatd I get a stupid response like "nothing has been added into your queue"  ·  Customer Care / Support

  8. When sorting tracks by Release sometimes has unexpected results  ·  Closed

  9. Log in and Cart drop-down links not responding  ·  Completed

  10. Why call this "Pro" when it only seems to be a UI change?  ·  Declined

  11. Playlist Add Track/Save Bug  ·  Being Researched

  12. Import Playlists from other softwares to use as search/lookup lists for those tracks on Beatport  ·  Open for Discussion & Votes

  13. Boy, it looks great but damn slow!!!! Get more horse power to your server farm. It just won't happen if you don't take this steps.  ·  Customer Care / Support

  14. **Improve Search Algorithms**  ·  Planned

  15. **Site Doesn't Remember Me**  ·  Completed

  16. Tripple Image, Bio & Artist Profiles  ·  Customer Care / Support

  17. you have broken the system that worked  ·  Customer Care / Support

  18. Make Beatport EFFICIENT FOR THE USER. And, remember the desktop users.  ·  Declined

  19. Option for starting in either "Normal" or "Dig" modes  ·  Customer Care / Support

  20. No music playback, using Firefox  ·  Customer Care / Support

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