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Manual Meta Data editing, MP3Tag - Mixed in Key integration..

Manual Meta Data editing, MP3Tag - Mixed in Key integration..

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    The Metadata Assistant

    The Metadata Assistant is an advanced tool designed primarily to help users who had previously implemented tagging structures across their music collection in other software.

    From the File Menu select Metadata Assistant.
    Begin by selecting the “+” plus button in the lower left. If you plan to split up tags from a specific frame of your collection, select split rule. If you plan to just copy or append data to a new meta data frame, select matching rule.
    Then select the source tag which you would like to transfer information from (most commonly the Comments field).
    Choose data found in your tracks comments field that you would like to write to your collection. For instance, moods you would like to transfer to the Mood tag category in Beatport Pro. Or you can choose Energy, Venue, Keys, etc.
    Ensure proper spelling and case for these tags.
    Before running the migration, you can verify your rule is working properly by selecting “eye” preview button.
    When you are sure that the rules you have set are 100% accurate. Select “Run”.
    The tracks in your library will now contain the transferred data in the appropriate fields.

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