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''OLD'' Featured new releases System

the OLD Featured new releases System was better.
now every week you throw one or two new release here and there and keep the old ones from previous weeks. what's up? this is bull*** now. people look for new releases they only want stuff throw at their faces in the genres pages because they are lazy

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HI – My apologies, but which new releases system are you mentioning? Is this the homepage new releases? They are all updated on a weekly basis?


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  • zsegundis41 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    homepage and genres page. they updated but not with current release alwais weeks old release. today is 14 december and pages gets updatet with 1 new release froma famous artist and the rest are old releases from past 2 weeks and so on. what's the point? thanks

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    To answer BeatportRich, is the "tracks" menu in "mybeatport".

    You first changed the "artists" and the "labels" menu to this lousy menu type. Now you also changed the "tracks" menu.

    What a waste of space with these lousy menus!
    The "list view" contained all the information in one line.
    Now you see big pictures with less information and the play button it's hidden?! You have to click the "..." so you can open the menu with the "purchase" or "play" button??
    Changes should bring

  • cotrim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tottaly agree!
    The older system with a simple list was the best on the market! Easier to see, with more information, and faster.

    Now to listen to the track you have to click twice on each track and you only see the label name after the click.
    I can't believe that someone finds this new system better!

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