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**Add Tagging to Pro for Web (Mood, Vocal, Venue, Set Time)**

Getting fed up with trying to find specific styles within large genres like progressive house and techno. Given that the odds of some genres getting misfiled are great, such as EDM into tech house and so forth, why not allow the community to create some tags for songs and then allow members to upvote the most appropriate tags? For example, in breaks, psybreaks is a subgenre that is not accounted for, but community tagging can help some people to identify psybreaks tunes quicker. Same for techfunk and so on.

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    I gave 3 votes because I think this whole user driven tagging is extremely powerful but might still need a lot of development time to refine the correctness.

    Here's my thoughts on this.

    I don't know the inside outs of how the whole mood, venu tagging is build. I am however a strong proponent of 100% user driven tagging. Voting is a very good idea. A vote up should simply strengthen the tag and make it appear in the list. A few votes down by different users should make the tags disappear. I propose you guy's reach out to Stackoverflow once to exchange there method/algorithm and pitfalls. However who is providing the initial filling for new tracks? Is this currently coming from what the users select in the Beatport Pro app? Anyway, I think you can put this work on the labels who probably have a beatport login as well. If not, hire someone at Beatport to do this, but I think this is a very very boring job. You don't really want this.

    How are tags coupled in the Beatport Pro app to the tracks? Is this done by Catalog->Unique ID? If so, there's some nasty limitations to this. Releleases/duplicates will not receive the tags thus not benefit from this fully. This is a must to figure out. I saw in another thread that you guy's are currently working on de-duplication. Also, the same songs but not downloaded from Beatport have no beatport-id and will not be included in these efforts, but that's understandable. So many issues with this. Maybe this whole mapping code can be solved in the future with Soundhound like technology. That would be something you can trust on and, well it will work and improve itself without much further coding, except for the recognition of the DNA of the song of course.

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    DJ_Blue_Thrill, I advice you for now to use the Beatport Pro app on your windows/mac machine. In the settings of the app, there's a preference where you can set the app to remember the songs that you have already previewed. Afterwards you can filter these out with the "Previewed" filter. I like this a lot as well.

  • DJ_Blue_Thrill commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Beatport Team,

    it is quite much work to listen to every track of the top 100 songs of every genre. Many Users do this weekly or monthly to find the music they like. In order to this it occurs, that you listen to one song many times. It would be great to have the possibility to evaluate for oneself by having a grading scale (maybe 1 to 5) next to the track to remember if the track was already heard and how it was. When the user logs in the next time, he doesn't need to hear all the songs again. When he liked but didn't bought a song before, he might sees that the track went up in the charts and buys it. In the other way around he doesn't need to hear a song again, that he didn't liked at all. A Track that has been bought should also be marked in a different colour to see it immediately. This would save a lot of time. Would this be possible?
    Thank you.

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