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**Remove "Purchased from" Tag from Comments**

I use the "Comments" field to track the harmonic key. After I tag the key in the Comment, I load up a track in Traktor and the Comment is now overwritten by "Purchased at". I see when I get info for the mp3 that this comment is included in the mp3 file. It serves no purpose for me (or most people, I'd imagine). How can I delete that comment and maintain my harmonic key tag?

This behavior seems new to the pro site. Super frustrating.

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    This is 2 1/2 year old. I don't know how it was back then but with the up to date version of Traktor 2 you can edit every ID3 tag field, including comment 1 and comment 2. So just delete the "Purchased at" comment in Traktor? I always do this after getting new tracks from beatport - after correcting the genres (this tagging done by beatport is really unprofessional)... Also Traktor 2 already does show you the key as ID3 tag.

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