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**Player/Queue Feature Feedback**

The new player on the pro site is almost unusable.

INCREASE THE SIZE (or at least make it scalable for different devices).
- We used to be able to see a whole album release or more. Now we can't see more than 4.5 tracks at a time. if you have hundreds of tracks in your player to go through, trying to find a certain one is impossible.

- When you remove a track from the player, the 'track cursor', returns to the top of the list, rather than the next track. If you are searching for specific tracks in a big list, finding them again is a huge pain, especially with the small player size.

- When you delete a track from the player (while it is playing) the waveform just goes blank for a moment but the track stays in the player until you choose another track from the queue. Either make that track playable again or remove it and play the next track in the player.

Better yet, you could create settings for each user to use the player how they like. Nothing is gained by making the crucial part of using your site - 'listening', harder for everybody.

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  • KRASHMUZIK commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think they should configure the playlist, so we can edit the position of the track, and go leaving above the preferreds


  • SCBehling commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Also the songs are no longer nested by album or set. It makes bulk removal a pain without it.

  • eazyboy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. Lists by their nature are usually large, and most people would like as much relevant info on their lists as possible. If you opt to play a top 100 list then you are confined to a tiny box. Not only is the box too small, but each track entered on the list is bulky, so the tiny box can only display 4 tracks at a time. Compare this to the 21 of the old player and it just seems silly. I think each track on the list should comprise of just one line that displays as much information as possible. Much more like the old player. I've created a thread for the suggestion of a standalone player here if anyone is interested

  • eazyboy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    wow, I've also just noticed if you add more than one playlist (eg mybeatport new entries list, an album release and genre top 100 list etc) to the player (by clicking "play all") then the list aren't separated or removable as their individual lists as they were in the old player. That's another function removed that I enjoyed using. I don't want to sound horrible, but It seems as though someone has made the decision to simplify the player without checking what features it was that people liked about the site.

  • eazyboy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I like the new site design aesthetically, but functionally the player has made the new site unusable. The positioning is less intuitive, in chrome URL link info covers part of it up. The queue is too small, and each track entry on the list too bulky for the playlist to serve it's purpose as a "list". I have seen people saying they want the player back at the top, and I agree, but I think the option for a standalone player would be even better - here's why

    You could open the player in it's own, full-screened tab, meaning you would have maximum real estate for all of the information you may want.

    If the player was standalone you could position it where you liked

    You could resize the player appropriately, which in turn could display more information that may be less crucial information but people may still want to see.

    I'm thinking back to the chemical records player, which was brilliant in it's functionality imo. If this is definitely a no-no, the player still needs a revamp, the queue is to small to display each bulky entry, and does not display as much information as before.


  • kubascik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Simple, when you add whatever to playlist for demo listening, please make better feedback than little movement on the corner of screen.

    Suggestion - change colour to green with some effect - much better feedback


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