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**Improvements to My Beatport - ALL FEEDBACK ON MY BEATPORT**

How my listening used to work >
1. Select My Beatport.
2. Select a date range
3. Sort by oldest date first.
4. Press play on the first tune.
5. I keep my left hand on the arrow keys, and the right on the mouse, hovered over the clip. That way I can skip forward quickly, two or three times each tune, to see if anything catches my ear. Otherwise, I press the right arrow key and move on. No need to use a queue or anything
How it works now > I have to use the add to queue button and then press play. The colored bar in the track list is missing to indicate where in the list I'm currently listening, and there is no gray out to indicate which tracks I've listened to. Further, I've posted in the bugs, but using the right arrow quickly to skip tunes causes the autoplay to stop working properly, and you have to manually press the pause icon to get it to play again.

And to further improve My Beatport, it would be absolutely great if you could remove genres you *don't* want included in the My Beatport section. For example, currently I believe you can narrow my beatport to one specific genre. Why not multiple genres, or make the genres an on off toggle, so you could search for all progressive and techno inside My Beatport within a certain range, but NOT chill out or electronica? If I missed how to do that and it's actually an option, please let me know.

In the end, there is definitely no reason the new site should make it more difficult to listen to a lot of tunes quickly.
Let's be honest guys: with the massive increase in "producers" across the world, there are tons of mediocre tunes on the site, even if you're only sticking to a decent size collection of artists and labels through "my beatport." Most times I find 5-10 tunes I really dig out of about 1000. I need a way to get through those 1000 efficiently.

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  • DestinatePL commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Let's play old-post-digger. The OP is a great idea, however I would add one more thing to the list. I don't know if anyone noticed the same thing, but this happens to My Beatport list.

    Let's say I am in the middle of collecting some tracks from My Beatport. I pause at a specific release, write down it's name to continue on from it on the next day. Night passes, another day comes up, another evening after work and I'm coming back to where I paused. The problem? Releases that came out *within the same day* are now reshuffled. I have to go back, check which tracks I already heard, which I bought (luckily My Beatport is compared to My Cart and all tracks added to cart have gray "BUY" button) and which are yet to be checked. If you add the fact, that most of the releases go out on Mondays, I basically have to go through >50 track list before I can continue my work.

    Classic Beatport doesn't have that issue (and really, thank God it is still here). I would love to switch to Pro Beatport full time, it has some nice features implemented to it, plus it is way faster. But this bug is the time and efficiency killer for me.

  • masterjo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Since this is marked under review. Is there any feedback what the current thinking about this suggestion is? Are there improvements in the pipeline to extend the experience of My Beatport?

  • djchrishipp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I 100% agree with all the points raised. beatport pro has murdered the workflow. Unbelievable.

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