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**Display/Filter by Mood, Venue, Set Time, and Vocal Tags**

I think something that will be very helpful is the ability for Artists/Labels to be able to tag their songs/albums. One of the things that myself, and many others I talk to loathe about Beatport is the genre restrictions. I understand that it isn't feasible to create a new genre tag on Beatport for every little sub genre that exists. However, let's be real. It IS a problem when the Electro House & Progressive House genres are overloaded with Bigroom EDM tracks because they have nowhere else to put them. Tagging would help this a lot. If I want to look for a Piano House track with some Deep House elements, I could just search for the Tags: Piano and Deep. If this is already going to be implemented, consider me very excited. If not, I think A LOT of people would love that kind of feature.

Another feature I think a lot of people would like to see is the option for tracks to display the Camelot Key code. Many DJs I know use this system for organizing their music, and it would be nice to be able to search for tracks by the Camelot Key.

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  • bassydolem commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Some of your requests have been implemented already.

    I disagree that you will want to add a genre text to a keyword. I think this should be added by beatport itself into the genre category. Look for another feedback issue specifically about the structure of the Genre list and add your feedback over there.

    What's left TODO from your feature request is the ability for artists/labels to tag their songs/albums. I'm not aware yet about all the inside out's on beatport. Just discovered the Beatport Pro app. From a youtube video I understood users can add metadata and this metadata is then shared back to the track in the Beatport Pro app for other users. But this is only when they use the app and select the moods highlighted in green.
    -> Unclear if the metadata seen on new tracks on the website/app come from this user-driven metadata or from someone who works for beatport. I'll make a new feedback thread to get an answer to how this works now.

  • ZedX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. Infact even having the ability to search for "vocal" or "feat" tags would be of great benefit to me.

    I mean sure you can perform a site search but doing this removes BPM & Key filters which i tend to use alot.

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