How can we improve Beatport Music Store?

Get rid of the orange pre-release tracks in my beatport.

Hey guys

I've been using you since 2005 and fully understand the need for evolvement and innovation. You have made some great changes and developments over the years, yet you've also made some bad calls too.

Now i make this comment as a customer, but I am also a label owner that uses the site and at first I thought, it would be great to see our tracks at the top of 'my beatport'. However, now after a few weeks as a consumer and after running through my weekly routine in buying tunes I do have to say....

This pre-release (orange button) feature showing you up and coming releases is without a doubt THE MOST POINTLESS function you've introduced. I can see how you would think its a great idea due to iTunes doing this with bands and traditional pop music etc but that type of music, people will wait for and buy on release as its generally for listening pleasure.

As DJ's we spend hours trawling through the endless available tracks to cull down to a handful of say 20-40 tracks that we can play that coming weekend, there's no point in us going through tracks we cant buy and use that coming weekend so they simply take up the first 2-3 pages of 'my beatport' unnecessarily.
Now i have to simply skip to the first available track and work back from there. This will get even more annoying if it becomes even more pages of pre-release.
Seriously guys, can you please get rid of this. I really think you should be working on fixing the glitches with beatport store and pro over developing this project any further.
I still have to use Beatport Classic for all purchase as the store simply glitches out all the time for me and I've just upgraded all my PC's laptops so it cant be the the peripherals.
The only reason i ever go to the store is because of the STEMS releases which aren't available on Classic but listening to them can be tricky at the best of times
Dont get me wrong here guys, i fully support expansion and product development but sometimes less is more.
I hope you can understand my point here as I'm sure many other will.

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