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Please stop ignoring the overwhelming number of requests to allow column sort in Store

Please stop ignoring the overwhelming number of user requests to allow column sorting in the Store...

This blatantly transparent effort to maximize profits by preventing loyal and obviously highly-engaged customers from shopping efficiently will only continue to alienate otherwise satisfied users who will vanish the moment a competitor actually caters to our needs and desires, rather than just cynically attempting to mislead us into inadvertently paying more for less and making the entire user experience increasingly frustrating in the process.

To treat well-paying customers, that are more likely noticing this scheme than not, is as foolish from a business perspective as it is disrespectful to a community that was largely founded on principles of human decency...

Well done BeatPort... Way to appear to be actively supporting the destruction of something once beautiful with the ugliness of capitalistic greed....

Please do the right thing and put this essential feature back into the desktop client. You can be assured it will be greatly appreciated by a huge number of your customers, which will only serve (rather than harm) your business interests in the long-term.


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  • AdminBeatportRich (Product Owner, Beatport, LLC) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi DJ Maven - I appreciate the honesty in your response here, but I can assure you the assumption you're making around ignoring the number of requests to add this feature into the application is not as you make it appear.

    We're currently working hard to improve our web store at the current moment and the reason this functionality does not exist in the Mac application is simply our technology stack hasn't been updated to support it.

    I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to the team and we'll be sure to prioritize this feature alongside the other items we get daily regarding improvements to both our site and desktop applications.

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