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It would be nice to get all the top 40 pop tracks out of the progressive house genre.

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  • justiindeanjustiindean commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A Garage House genre should be created to account for all the UK Garage House and 2-Step Garage House coming out and that is being placed in deep house or the house genre.

    By the way don't make a "EDM" genre, it isn't a genre it is an umbrella term for everything made electronically. If you are going to make a genre for what people call "big room house" call it anthem house because that is actually what it is anyways. Make the criteria any songs with massive trance synths that doesn't relate to the song and the hard style kick drum with a non-existent bass groove in "drop" be called anthem house.

    (if the drop has a loud sound but the melodies can be found in other areas of the song like the breakdown or build up, keep it progressive house!)

  • djaustingregorydjaustingregory commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Shape - That first link you sent was amazing! It begs the question, why aren't those genres accessible outside some charts, especially when the genre tags don't even match the genre title of said charts? It's not because of lack of knowledge, apparently. So then it either must be a lack of willingness to commit all tracks to one standardized genre breakdown (remember, many of the genre tags are submitted by the labels) or an inability to implement a better tagging system across the massive, and constantly growing catalogue database. If it's the latter, such scale issues are perfect for crowdsourcing.

    I think you underestimate the average beatport user. On the members only torrent sites that I'm a part of ( & the tags are generally spot on. I'm not sure which sites you're referring to that have tags that are extremely off (link?) but it might be due to the knowledge level of the average user. For free sites you can get a large cross section of the population, many of whom may be uneducated about sometimes nebulous dance music sub-genres. When you get a members only site, or a site where you are actually putting money down (like Beatport), I would argue that the pool you are drawing your data from narrows to people passionate about the subject, and any aberrations would be drowned out by a sea of users (DJs, EDM lovers and industry people) who know what they're talking about. Take 100 people at random and maybe 10% can tell you the difference between Electro House and Progressive House. Take 100 beatport users and I bet that jumps to 90%.

    That being said, a hybrid system wouldn't be very hard to achieve at all. You could just search/filter by "user tags" or by the existing tags. Done. I just don't know how else Beatport could realistically achieve this goal without hiring, then training, a huge team AND this would get them out of committing themselves to "official genre tags" that my not go down well with certain labels.

  • shapeshape commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While user input is certainly helpful, if the tags are organized by popularity, then they rely on the knowledge of those who are voting. Truthfully, most people, even DJs have limited genre knowledge, especially considering how many new ones pop up all the time. Tags will often get voted down simply b/c people are unfamiliar with them, not b/c they are inaccurate, or voted up b/c they are familiar and they dont know what else to call it. Numbers don't reflect accuracy. I can't count the # of releases I've seen on various sites where House or Dubstep is one of the most popular tags yet there is not a single House or Dubstep track on the album. Juno has very good genre organization and they don't rely on user tags, so this maintains organizational quality control. Maybe there is a way to combine both. molaoi had a good suggestion to add user tags for 'Mood'. This would work well for user voting b/c it wouldn't require specialized knowledge/experience/research like genres do.

    I think what's most important is for Beatport to have consistent organization so that whatever genres name they choose to use, that the tracks are grouped in a way so they are clearly differentiated by music style. I agree that the biggest question is whether they even have the ability to do it b/c it's a massive undertaking to go thru, listen, and retag the entire catalog considering how may titles are released each week, plus all the backcatalog. There are certainly plenty of staff there who are up on subgenres & know how to properly tag music. It's evident in their mailing list with targeted subgenre emails like these:

    @dpsttmpst - Dance-Pop is still a relative term though and is what most pop artists include on their albums when they make dance tracks. They have been highly influenced by the Euro-House/EDM sound and often have the same producers making those tracks. Usually Dance-Pop has more vocals and song structure than straight club tracks though, so they are more suited to Pop/R&B albums. Dance-Pop is still a style of the Pop genre where the EDM sound we're referring to is Electronic. While much of it is Pop influenced, may contain Pop vocal snippets, samples, or choruses, a large % are still instrumental electronic beats. Juno uses the term Pop-Dance for this Euro-House sound, which is a relevant term b/c most people don't know what Euro-House is, and the mainstream usually refers to it as simply "Dance". This is a good reference playlist to check out on Spotify:

    In regards to Electro, sure those artists were early pioneers but that same style rooted in 808 drum kits hasn't stopped since the 80s. It's just that the term Electro is now used more or less as an abbreviation for Electronic rather than the original style created by Kraftwerk.

  • djaustingregorydjaustingregory commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I could go through what I as DJ think the genres should be, but that would be a waste of everyones time. I am just one voice among the masses. If you, BeatportRich, are serious about fixing this issue what I think you should do is allow user tagging, like they do on many of the torrent sites. Let all subscribed users submit genre tags and have the ability to vote them up or down (you can keep the master list for all to choose from so there are no duplicates/silly submissions, but allow users to submit tag ideas for approval). This way you're crowdsourcing the work of getting more accurate genre tags to the very community consuming the music and the most passionate about it.

    For example, if I say "Ghost" by Louis La Roche should be Nu Disco, not House, that's just one voice. But if 1,000 Beatport users vote the Nu Disco tag and only 150 vote the house tag, now we're getting somewhere!

    I don't see how else such a massive improvement could be actualized, honestly. How many tracks are on Beatport? 100,000? More? Even if a team of Beatport employees could study dance music genealogy, evolving trends, and poll DJs, producers and industry people to create a set of generally agreed upon sub-grenes, how would they then go back and update that entire catalogue? They would need a team of hundreds, and at that point why not just have us, the users, do it for free?

  • dpsttmpstdpsttmpst commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @shape - I don't necessarily disagree with you. I just find that EDM is incredibly misused because those who use it nowadays don't relate to other dancey styles of electronic music. Dance-pop could be a better term for electro-house and brostep, yet that too may be frustrating to fans of 1990s pop-house (which "dance-pop" was used with often). Electro (as in Afrika Bambaataa and Hashim type of music) is a mostly 1980s thing involving Tech-12 turntable and the Roland TB-303 & TB-808. I never dare use electronica again because it was never definable to begin with.

  • shapeshape commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    "electropop" is another style all together though from the late 70s & 80s: "Electro" these days is a very overly misused catch-all term for any hard, pounding beat with a mega-rave synth, ignoring how the term has been used to over the past 3+ decades. It's especially frustrating to those have been avid fans of Electronic Music before Brostep & Electro-House came on the scene.

  • dpsttmpstdpsttmpst commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @BenLee - Yes, that is an excellent idea. Also, why not rename EDM to "electropop" instead? When the term is used, it only references electro-house, brostep, trap, glitch hop, etc...but not music such as Goa trance and progressive psytrance.

  • BeeLeeBeeLee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Separate EDM from Progressive House. The Deep House genre has way too much going on in there, needs more sub-genres

  • kaiotekaiote commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ok so i found sub genre filters but would like to see them in the "MY BEATPORT" section. And like I said before PSYTRAP would be a great sub genre

  • kaiotekaiote commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would love to see psytrap as a genre or subgenre although I still havent been able to find the subgenre filters... Do sub genres even exist on beatport anymore???

  • shapeshape commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    where are you finding electrostep & techstep? i haven't seen those. if i select a genre i don't see where the option is to view or search subgenres.

  • ChronofiedChronofied commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Consistency of genres, and further development of sub-genres so that the tags are as consistent and useful as possible.

    The ability to filter by sub-genre is available after you narrow by genre, but it would be nice to see a feature in which you can directly narrow your results by sub-genre immediately, especially as some tracks in some sub-genres have different parent genres.

    Additional sub-genres thoughts: electrostep is listed twice, once with techstep and again as "electro step"; they should both probably be separate sub-genres. I haven't seen Trapstep listed yet, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

  • margritmargrit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

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  • Rick DynoRick Dyno commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Now all deep house tracks are in the tech house lists. Keep deep house out of there!!

  • ryangiggsryangiggs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The progressive house genre appears to have turned into cheese/teen/noise/rubbish genre. Shame it used to be my favourite. It is painful to wade through in search of an actual 'progressive' tune. Sort it out guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shadowtranceshadowtrance commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Definitely echo removing commercial and grinding EDM from Progressive house. Prog is dark and moody. Agree about techno, there's room for a few sub genres there. Same with Breaks: could be trance-breaks, funky breaks, nu school, and whatever covers the grand majority of angry, grinding obnoxious big room style breaks that sounds like brostep with a faster beat. Basically take all the endless pitch shifting, white noise, massive drum roll big room commercial nonsense out of genres like breaks and prog house, and put them in their own sections. Maybe have a general Big Room / Commercial Genre with appropriate subgenres for House, Breaks, dubstep, etc. It should be really easy; all those tracks sound very similar. This would help the new and young crowd who's into those type of festival tracks find them, and would help those of us who want to find the deeper, moody tracks not have to search through 1000 tracks just to find 3-5.

  • elicarlos10elicarlos10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    one is the TRAP.

    But I say, in the classification of own artists, sometimes get kind of counter to the versus genre

  • GyorgyUdvardyGyorgyUdvardy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Separate EDM out from progressive house. I also suggest to have melodic techno or sometimes called neotrance as a new genre, sometimes I feel the label 'techno' is way too big and contains very wide variety style of musics.

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