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Hi, just a small marketing idea that I was thinking of for myself really but would be useful I guess for other DJ's for the new Beatport Mixes service you are launching soon. I have had an invite and uploaded a mix which was straight forward enough but now I obviously want traffic to this mix and hopefully purchases!

I have a website that I stream my mixes from at I do not allow free downloads so this new service is a good way potentially for me to make some money on this, so I think it would be useful if you have some kind of a badge that people can put in their own personal websites that goes directly to the mix in question. A badge that says something along the lines of BUY AT BEATPORT. Some kind of simple HTML code that people can copy and paste into their website where appropriate. Personally I could do this myself design a button that just links to that mix, but an 'official' button/badge would make this much more professional and people would feel more secure knowing a company like Beatport where behind the purchase.

Of course you may have already considered this, I am just thinking ahead for my own personal website.

On a side note, any idea of time frames when this service is going public so we can start pushing traffic that way?

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  • kaihunakaihuna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Check out my site, I did a makeshift link with simple html code you can follow, if you havent done this already, I also embed a link that is not downloadable with an option to purchase at beatport:

    I used this code:

    <a href="your beatport url link to mix goes here"><img src="Upload the beatport mixes logo to your site and put the url here"></a>

  • iainduponiaindupon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Reckon this is a good idea for sure - One of the comments that I keep getting is frustration from people in general that don't want to set up an account to be able to download a track - is there another way round this using Itunes or something??

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